Canada Has the Best Reputation in the World

September, 2011

According to the Reputation Institute's most recent study, revealed September 27, 2011, Canada has the highest reputation ranking of 50 countries surveyed.

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The result was based on data compiled from the responses of 42,000 interviewees across the world. The Reputation Institute measured public perceptions towards some 50 countries on a range of attributes, including:

  • Trust;
  • Esteem;
  • Admiration;
  • Quality of life; and
  • Safety and attention to the environment.

The results showed that Canada scored well in all attributes and its overall result has been attributed to the country's steady democracy and high economic output per capita. Canada's strong reputation may also be the result of its focus on active lifestyles, well-developed political systems and perceived neutrality to international political upheavals. The safety of a country also plays key role in its reputation.

It is not the first time Canada has ranked well in such worldwide surveys. Three Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, were ranked in the top five of the World's Most Liveable Cities of 2011 according to the Economist Group report.

Sweden, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand were in the top five highest reputation rankings, scoring well across all attributes in the past three years of the annual study.

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