Canada Plans to Welcome 20,000 Parents and Grandparents in 2014

November, 2013

In the annual levels plan tabled in October 28, 2013 by Canadian Citizenship and Immigration, the department's Minister Chris Alexander released that Canada plans to welcome an additional 20,000 parents and grandparents in 2014.

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Accordingly, Minister Alexander committed to have an aggressive action to increase in the number of permanent residency visas issued to applicants of Parent and Grandparent programs in 2014.The plan included the reduction of backlog of Parent and Grandparent (PGP) program applications to 50 percent by the end of 2013, lower than it was just two years ago.

"Our Government is keeping our promise to overcome the massive backlogs we inherited and reunite families faster," said Alexander.

The Parent and Grandparent (PGP) sponsorship program, which is currently closed, is set to begin accepting applications again in January, 2014. The government's goal to admit 50,000 parents and grandparents over the past two years is set to be surpassed. Togerther with an expected number of 20,000 Parental and Grandparental Visas to be admitted in 2014, the number of permanent residents through this program will become largest in nearly 20 years.

"These numbers represent the highest level of parent and grandparent admissions in nearly two decades and are a clear expression of our commitment to family reunification as a key part of our immigration plan." added the Minister.

Under the Parental and Grandparent Super Visa, Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are living in Canada can apply to sponsor their parents and grandparents. The visa is valid for up to 10 years and allows the holders to come to Canada for up to two years at a time. Currently, nearly 26,000 Super Visas have been issued with an approval rate of 84 percent.

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