IRCC announces changes to 2017 Parent and Grandparent Program application rules

December, 2016

There will be changes to the intake of the applicants for the Parent and Grandparent Program beginning January 2017.

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According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) minister John McCallum, applications to the program will be limited to a certain number to keep it from exponentially growing.

Applicants wishing to bring their parents or grandparents to the country are required to submit a completed application form 30 days after the official release of the online form on January 3, 2017. All forms submitted after the deadline will not be entertained.

“We’re listening to what past applicants had to say and making the process fairer for people who want to sponsor their parents or grandparents. We’re ensuring everyone can access the application process by giving them the same chance to have their name chosen,” McCallum said. McCallum said the immigration department will choose a total of 10,000 from all the applications submitted before the deadline.

The move to solely limit the applications to an online scheme is in line with the government’s aim to speed up applications for foreign nationals wishing to work or bring family members in the country. It is also in keeping with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's order to make the country’s immigration policy more “family-friendly” and “reunification-centric.”

In the past few months, the IRCC and the Labour Department have been teaming up to accelerate visa application processing. Starting next year, all applications are expected to be faster and more efficient through the Global Skills Strategy, in which visa applications for high-skill, low-risk talents will adhere to two weeks or less maximum processing time.

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