Minister Laura Albanese: Immigrants and Refugees are welcome to Ontario

February, 2017

On the 29th of January 2017, Minister Laura Albanese released a statement reiterating Ontario’s position on welcoming immigrants and refugees from all countries, regardless of their race, ethnicity and/or faith.

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Albanese reminded the population that Ontario’s economic and social strengths were founded on “openness and diversity.” Over 20,000 refugees – 16,000 of which were Syrian, seeking refuge from the crisis in their home county – have been welcomed in Ontario since December 2015.

“Communities across the province have embraced our new neighbours and through the collaborative efforts of governments, settlement agencies, the broader non-profit sector, the private sector as well as everyday Ontarians, refugees are finding homes, their children are attending school, jobs are being found and the process of integration is well underway.” She stated. Albanese also emphasized Ontario Government’s commitment to ensuring the province remains a safe and viable haven for members of all faiths, including Muslim.

“We will proudly continue to welcome people from all parts of the world as we continue to create economic security and opportunity and develop the diverse and inclusive communities where all people thrive.” She concluded.

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