Atlantic Canadian companies to receive aid from the federal government

February, 2017

Newly appointed IRCC Minister Ahmed Hussen announced at the Second Annual Atlantic Growth Strategy Initiative that the companies from the Atlantic region would soon obtain government help in hiring foreign workers.

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The Atlantic region comprises the four provinces on the Atlantic coast such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edwards Island, and the easternmost province Newfoundland and Labrador. The conference attended by several federal ministers and premiers saw the announcement of numerous steps that aim to improve the region's immigration policies. Last year, the region launched the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, an immigration scheme that focuses on boosting foreign worker application. The initial plan was to accept 2,000 applications, but it could be enhanced in the following years should the accepted applicants' performances yield favourable results.

"The idea behind this is to leverage the unique position of employers to help immigrants and their families better integrate into their new communities in Atlantic Canada and to remain here for the long-term so they can help grow the region's economy,” Hussen said at the press briefing held after the event. For this year, the region will focus on enticing international students and highly skilled workers. Several tweaks to the policies will be introduced to ensure that they will stay in the region and decline job offers from other foreign countries after their contract expires.

The scheme will also look through various methods that will help improve the region’s trade and investment segment. A growth strategy amounting to $20 million will be allocated to the program, which is expected to improve by 100 percent by 2025.

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